Fairview Loop Pathway and Safety Improvements:
Realign and Signalization at Knik Goose Bay Road

Realign and Signalization at Knik Goose Bay Road

Project Scope

This segment realigns the Fairview Loop intersection with a new intersection on Knik Goose Bay (KGB) Road at a realigned Clapp Street intersection completing a link between the Parks Highway and Knik Goose Bay Road. The other piece of the link, the South Mack Drive (Clapp Street) extension is a City of Wasilla project to provide more access and mobility.

This segment is being designed by a team led by Hattenburg, Dilley and Linnell, LLC.

South Mack Drive Extenstion

Funding Source

2012 General Fund Appropriation (Part of $10 million for KGB Safety Improvements); available July 1, 2012



Preliminary Design  –  April 2009 to November 2012
Final Design  –  December 2012 to February 2016
Right of Way Acquisition  –  October 2012 to December 2015
Construction  –  2016 to 2017